Teapot with a Lid

USSR, 1923

The creator, chief exponent and theorist of Suprematist porcelain was the artist Kazimir Malevich. The models for a teapot and half-cup that he produced in mid-1923 became symbols of Suprematism in porcelain and a sort of monument to the Russian avant-garde. The body of the teapot is an asymmetric composition of geometric volumes and planes. Combining three-dimensional and flat shapes, Malevich produces an impression of plastic tension and dynamism, which was one of the objective foundations of Suprematism. The half-cups decorated by Nikolai Sutein and Ilya Chashnikov are an example of the creation of a new utilitarian structure for an object.


Teapot with a Lid

Place of creation:

Manufacture, workshop, firm:

State Porcelain Factory




16,6x22,3x9,3 cm

Acquisition date:

Entered the Hermitage in 2002; transferred as part of the collection of the Museum of the Imperial Porcelain Factory

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